ATSK0750 Portable Ka band Automatic Satellite Communication Antenna

Item No.: FL03
The new generation of the ATSK0750 Portable Automatic Satellite Communication Antenna is designed and manufactured by Alignsat Communication Technologies Co.,Ltd.

 ATSK0750 Portable Automatic Satellite Communication Antenna




 Product Overview
 The new generation of the ATSK0750 Portable Automatic Satellite Communication Antenna is designed and  manufactured by Alignsat Communication Technologies Co.,Ltd.
 The antenna is typically owned and operated by the following industries and customs: the Government Emergency  Communication Department, the Civil Defense Department,the Media, the Communication  Operator, the Police, the  Fire-fighting Department, the Army, the Corporations with monitoring applications and so on. The system is equipped with the feed system and the high-performance single offset carbon  fiber parabolic reflector  which has the equivalent diameter of 0.75 meter. The reflector focal length is shorter than the previous version in  order to make the transportation and operation easier.
 The system has the One-button operation function. The whole operating process including deploying, tracking,  acquiring, adjusting and stowing can be completed by just clicking the One-button key. The  antenna is deployed quickly, no need for manual calibration and the system also has two  operating mode, automatic and manual. The Hand Crank is used for controlling the elevation in the sudden power  failure  situation.The system is integrated with the High-Performance Digital Beacon Receiver, the High-precision LNB,  the High-reliability Drive System and the Intellectual Control Software in order to achieve the  special features which include the Main Beam Judgment and the Polarization Loop functions.  With the special functions, the excellent tracking and acquiring accuracy is achievable. The deploying and stowing  state of the system is shown below:

 System Features
1 High Integration: The reflector is designed with the consideration of shorter focal length and non-detachable feed. The BUC is connected with special hard waveguide, which realize the design concept of integrated structure,in order to achieve a beautiful and decent appearance.  The height of the antenna in stowing state is lower than the previous version and the weight also get lighter in order to use smaller box for transportation.
2 Universal Design: The design of the host structure is made under the consideration of commonality and the feed arms are compatible for the main BUC and LNB, which is of 60W power.
3 Multi-control Mode: Hand-held terminal (wired), PC (wired, wireless), One-button. The system has the built-in WEB interface ensure that the PC and wireless control terminal can access the system without installing any software.
4 GPS Receiver: The GPS Receiver is embedded on the host panel. The control software is integrated with longitude and latitude info table in order to check the antenna location.
5 Polarization Closed-loop Adjustment: Better anti-interference performance for Cross Polarization, preventing the Cross Polarization turn worse as a result of the incline ground situation.
6 BUC Monitoring: The BUC Monitoring functional area is display in the antenna control panel. The BUC operating state can be checked and controlled in this area.
7 AGC Satellite Acquisition: The modem output AGC signal can be used for Satellite Acquisition. This function will be the back-up option if the beacon is broken.
8 One-button Operation: All the antenna operation except Parameter Edit can be completed by clip the One Button Operation button.
9 High-Performance Digital Beacon Receiver: More reliable.
10 Locking Main Beam Judgment: The Locking Main Beam Judgment function is automatic in order to prevent locking in the sidelobe. The accurate rate of prevention will be 100%.
11 Efficient Power Supply System: The appropriative integrated power supply system provide stable and reliable power for the whole system which include LNB and BUC which has the request of 60W power supply.
12 Precision Driving System: The Azimuth and Elevation Driving System is made up of appropriative precision devices. The structure of the system is designed with highly reliability which ensure the antenna operate in all-weather and with long service life. The reflector will keep still when interruption of power supply happens.
13 High Waterproof: The host is adopted the integral seal design which meet the requirement of rain defense in order to promote the protection level to IP55. The system can operate in all-weather condition safety and reliably.
14 Operating Convenience: The system is operated in the whole automatic mode, realizing the One-button Satellite Acquisition function. The manual mode is also available under the special circumstances.

System Structure
The ATSK0750 antenna is made up of several parts which include the 1m Gregorian reflector and feed subsystem, the BUC subsystem, the LNB subsystem, the GPS positioning subsystem, the servo drive subsystem, the automatic protection subsystem, the beacon receiver subsystem, the ACU, the position detection subsystem, the polarization automatic adjustment subsystem, the intellectual control terminal, the intellectual control software subsystem, the integrated power subsystem and the manual control subsystem.

Transportation Method
 2 options for transportation:
2 Transportation Cases
The antenna host is loaded in one transportation case individually. The other fittings which include the reflectors, the hand-held controller, the power cable, the IF cable and the hand crank are loaded in the other custom transport case. The host transport case is imported from America meeting the military-grade requirement. The host case is made of high quality resin, equipping roller and pull bar. The size is 795mm×518mm×310mm.
The custom fitting case can be carried on back or in hand, meeting the requirement for road, railway and air transportation. The internal structure can protect the fittings. The size is 660mm×450mm×160mm.
1 Transport Case+1Backpack
The antenna host is loaded in the case and the other fittings are loaded in the backpack. The host transportation case is imported from America meeting the military-grade requirement. The host case is made of high quality resin, equipping roller and pull bar. The size is 795mm×518mm×310mm.The other fittings which include the reflectors, the hand-held controller, the power cable, the IF cable and the hand crank are loaded in the backpack which can be carried on back of a single person and meet the military-grade requirement. The size is 650mm×550mm×200mm.

Technical Specifications
Deploy Time ≤5 Mins
Stow Time ≤3 Mins
The Antenna Type Single Offset Parabolic Antenna
Equivalent Diameter 0.75m
Control Mode Standard: Wired PC(user-equipped), One-button
Optional: Wireless PC, Wired Hand-held Terminal
Reflector Made of carbon fiber, 6 Curved Panels,5 of which are removable
RF Specifications
Name Rx Tx
Frequency 19.2~20.2 GHz 29.0~30.0 GHz
Gain ≥41.5 dBi ≥45.5 dBi
First Sidelobe ≤-20dB ≤-20dB
Sidelobe Envelope 29-25logθdBi(1.5°<θ<20°) 29-25logθ dBi(1.5°<θ<20°)
SWR 1.25 :1 1.20 :1
Port Isolation ≥85dB(with primary filter)
Cross Polarization ≥30dB(on axi); ≥27dB(offset 1dB)
Polarization Mode Linear Polarization
Feed Port Two Ports
Mechanical Behavior
Azimuth Range +90°~ +270°
Elevation Range +5°~ +90°
Polarization Range ±120°
Reflector Size 790 × 680 mm (the whole)
Host Size 635 × 415 × 260 mm(stowing state)
Antenna Weight ≤22.3Kg
Power Requirement
Power Supply Mode Standard: AC-DC(300W); Input 220VAC (50~60Hz);
Provide 24V DC, 5.5A output for BUC;
Optional: AC-DC(550W);Input 220VAC (50~60Hz);
Provide 48V DC, 7A output for BUC;
Power Consumption ≤68W(peak), without BUC
External Port
Power Plug 3 Pin Waterproof Aviation Plug
Antenna Control Port Network: 7 Pin Waterproof Aviation Plug , Wireless
Hand-held Terminal:26 Pin Waterproof Aviation Plug
BUC Power Supply Using 4 Pin Aviation Plug in the case of external power supply
Tx/Rx N-type Female Plug
BUC Port WR-28
LNB Port WR-42
Button Switch
One-button Indicator in the middle of the button, indicating the operating mode of the antenna.
BUC Switch A ring type indicator in the button, indicating the power supply of BUC.
Environmental Condition
Wind Resistance Steady≤50km/h(balance weight);
Gust≤65km/h(more balance weight)
Operating Temperature -25℃~+55℃
Stow Temperature -55℃~+85℃
Altitude ≤5000m
Protection Grade IP55
Relative Humidity 0%~100%