Antenna deicing


Alignsat Auto Deicing System For Satellite Antenna

When the antenna is covered by ice, snow or frost, the signal quality will be lowered. How to resolve the problem and increase the uplink signal quality automatically? We strongly recommend the auto de-icing system with good effects.

Customer’s Demand and concern are as following :

Customer Demand A: Ice or snow following on the panel will cause low signal. Outside is slippy, cold and difficult to clean.

Customer Demand B:Most Antennas are installed on the top of the building which makes it difficult to clean.

Customer Demand C:Snowing at night will affect the communication quality, but cleaning will be too risky at night.

Risks to Cleaner:

l  Microwave Radiation

l  Falling risk

advantage of installing auto deicing system

l  advantage over 10 years

l  No people on duty

l  Melt snow immediately

l  advantage over 10 years once installed

Comparison of two Heating material

Heating Film vs Heating Resistance

Heating Film features :

l  High cost effectiveness

l  Rapid melting

l  Heating evenly

l  Clean all one time

Heating Resistance features:

l  Low cost effectiveness

l  Take long time to melt

l  Heating unevenly

l  Prone to form new ice


Auto deicing system features:

■No people on duty, de-icing automatically


■Energy conservation

■High adaptability

■Environmental protection

■Remote control by compute

■Professional installation team

Snow Melting Principle

Far infrared polymer heating film and complete environmental friendly material are installed beneath the dish. Large contacting area, high efficiency and low cost.

New Style Far Infrared Polymer Electricity Heating Film

Antenna Auto Deicing System

Carrier:Sheet form material

Heat material :Functional Polymer compound material

Electrode:special processed wire,including forward and afterward woven

Insulation Protection : PET film, rubber film

System Structure

Antenna Auto Deicing System


Technical Data

◆Rated Voltage:220VAC/380VAC

◆Rated Power:10KW/4.5mdish

                          15KW/6.2m dish

◆Temp control:〈0.5 ℃

◆System communication standards:RS485

◆Baud Rate:9600/4800bps


◆Professional installation engineer

◆One year guarantee, on time yearly check

◆7X24 hotline

Successful Case

◆ Armed headquarter and Beijing station

◆ General crops of armed  in North province of China

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