Alignsat 1.8M Earth Station Antenna

Item No.: A02
Alignsat 1.8m antenna offers a fine reflector design with a stretch formed  contoured panels, strong back struts  ease of field alignment.
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Alignsat 1.8m antenna delivers exceptional high performance for transmit/receive application in C ,Ku, ka, X band in Tx/Rx 2 port or Rx 2 port with high gain ,low noise and low microwave interference.
The electrical performance is compliant with FCC and ITU-RS-580 side lobe specifications and Intelsat, Eutelsat, INMARSAT, ASIASAT, APT and CHINASAT, etc. requirement.

Performance Strength

  • High quality aluminum reflector panels and galvanized steel backup structure.
  • C, Ku, Ka, X band available, meeting FCC and ITU-RS-580 requirements.
  • Galvanized steel elevation over azimuth pedestal.
  • Fixed foundation and Non penetrating foundation optional for wider choice.
  • Survives 125 mph winds in any position.
  • High G/T, excellent pattern characteristic.
  • Precision compression molded offset antenna.
  • CP/LP switchable feed.
  • Galvanized stainless steel fasteners.
Electrical Specification
Type AT18C AT18K
Operating Frequency, GHz C-Band Ku-Band
Receive Transmit Receive Transmit
3.625~4.2 5.85~6.425 10.95~12.75 13.75~14.5
Gain, Mid-band, dBi 35.5 39.5 45.3 46.5
Polarization Linear/Circular Linear
XPD(on Axis), dB 35 35 35 35
XPD across 1dB Beam Width, dB 33 33 33 33
Axial Ratio 2-PortFeed 1.30 1.09    
VSWR 1.25 1.25 1.25 1.25
Antenna Noise Temperature 2-port feed
10° Elevation
30° Elevation
50° Elevation
-3 dB Beam Width, Mid-band 2.88° 1.9° 0.87° 0.74°
Tx. Power Capability, KW   5   2
Feed Interface CPR—229G CPR—137G WR-75 WR-75
Feed Insertion Loss, dB 0.2 0.2 0.25 0.2
Isolation, Tx to Rx, dB 90 85
First Side lobe 90% Peaks under Following Envelop -14
Mechanical Specification
Antenna Diameter 1.8m
Antenna Type Offset antenna
Surface Accuracy(RMS) ≤0.35mm
Antenna Pointing Range Azimuth 0°~360°,±10° (Continuous)
Elevation 0°~90°(Continuous)
Polarization ±360°(Continuous)
Drive Mode Manual or Motorized
Motor Drive System Azimuth Travel Rate 0.30°/S(0.06°/S)
Elevation Travel Rate 0.20°/S(0.04°/S)
Antenna reflector Material Aluminum Alloy
Finish of steel parts Hot dipped Zinc
Environmental Specification
Operational Wind 72km/h gusting to 97km/h
Survival Wind 216km/h
Temperature -40°~+60°
Relative Humidity 100%
Solar Radiation 1135Kcal/h/m²
Seismic(Survival) 0.3g(H), 0.15g(V)
Ice Loading 13mm Operational; 25mm Survival