1.2m Ka Band Carbon Fiber Manual Flyaway Antenna

1.2m Ka flyway manual antenna is specially designed for highly portable antenna by adopting carbon fiber material with light weight and can be assembled in less than 5 minutes by one person .It can provide users exceptional performance in high gain
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Alignsat 1.2m Ka band manual flyaway antennas are designed to provide high speed stow and deploy through its simple and robust structure and light weight material.
The antenna panel is made of carbon fiber, each component adopts positioning locking technology, can easily installed by two persons in 5-10minutes without any auxiliary tools. Az/El adjustment can be locked, El adjustment is by fast-tune and fine-tuning combined in one device to facilitate the operation. The support can be deployed flexibly, the whole structure of the antenna is designed to be easy to disassemble and assemble with all antenna parts/components packed in one boxes, small size, light weight and high stability.
  • Carbon fiber composite reflector
  • Less than 5-minute setup, no tools required
  • Light weight, small volume, convenient to carry.
  • Flexible Azimuth and Elevation to quickly acquire the satellite.
Antenna Aperture 1.2m  (Ka-band)
Operation Frequency Tx 27.5~31.00GHz
Rx 17.7~21.20GHz
Gain Tx ≥48.5+20lg(f/30.00)Bi
Rx ≥45.2+20lg(f/20.40)dBi
Polarization Circular
VSWR Tx ≤1.5
Rx ≤1.5
Feed Interface Rx WR42
Tx WR28
Power Capacity ≤100W
Isolation Rx ≥85dB
Tx ≥30dB
First sidelobe ≤-14dB
Reflector Material 6pcs panels, carbon fiber
Antenna Rotation Range Elevation 0°~90°
Azimuth 360°
Operational Wind ≤11m/s
Operational Temperature -40~60℃
Storage Temperature -50~70℃
Humidity ≤95% (20℃)
Protection grade IP65
System Weight ≤25Kg(No Power amplifier,LNB,Packing,Accessories)
Item Package L×W×H(mm) Carton Weight(Kg) Product Weight(Kg) Total Weight(Kg)
1 Aluminum alloy case A(Main Reflector) ≤850×540×290   ≤14.5  
2 Aluminum alloy case B(Reflector) ≤950×580×345   ≤10.5  
Notice: Two aluminum alloy cases.dimension,weight are estimated,for reference.

Packing List

Item Package Description Qty Unit Note
1 Aluminum alloy case A(Main Reflector) Platform Components 1 set  
Support leg Components 1 1 EA  
Support leg Components 2 1 EA  
2 Aluminum alloy case A(Main Reflector) Panel 1 pcs  
Cable 1 set No LNB
Support Components 3 EA  
Certification 1 pcs  
Instructions 1 pcs