Alignsat 1.2m Rx Only Antenna

Item No.: RO02
Alignsat can supply satellite receive only antenna ,and can receive TV signal, Alignsat RXO antenna is made of high accuracy stretch-formed aluminum panel with stable structure.


  • Offset antenna, single pole stand, drive mode: manual.
  • High gain, low side lobe, high cross-polarization isolation.
  • C/Ku band optional, linear/circular polarization optional.

Manufacturing Technique
  • Reflector panels: shaping, degreasing, painting.
  • Steel parts: rust removing, sand blasting and zinc spraying, painting.
Electrical Specifications
Item Ku-Receive
Frequency (Ghz) 10.95-12.75
Gain (dB) ≥42.09+20lg(f/12.5)
VSWR ≤1.30:1
Beam width(-3dB) ≤1.34°
Noise Temperature ≤55
Feed Interface WR-75
Cross Polarization Isolation ≥27dB
Axial Ratio ≤3.0
First Side ≤-14
Sidelobe 52-10lg(D/λ)-25lg(θ)dBi  (100λ/D) °≤θ≤20°
Mechanical Specification
Antenna Diameter 1.2m
Antenna Type Offset antenna
Drive mode Manual
Antenna Pointing Range Azimuth 0-360°
Elevation 5°~90°
Polarization ±90°
Environmental Specification
Operational Wind Speed 20m/s
Repeat Wind Speed 40m/s
Survival Wind Speed 60m/s
Ambient Temperature -20°~55°
Relative Humidity 5%-95%