Alignsat 1.2m Flyaway Carbon Fiber Auto Antenna

Item No.: FL17
Alignsat 1.2m flyaway carbon fiber auto antenna with Model No. AT120KF is one-key pointing satellite automatic antenna , which can complete automatically opening, tracking, pointing satellite, adjustment and stow.
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Alignsat 1.2m flyaway carbon fiber auto antenna is one-key pointing satellite automatic antenna, which can complete automatically opening, tracking, pointing satellite, adjustment and stow. Which is specially
designed for highly portable antenna by adopting carbon fiber material with light weight and can be assembled in less than 10 minutes by one person.
Alignsat 1.2m flyaway auto antenna system consists of feed system, host system, servo drive system and auto control system, among which, servo and control system is consist of the GPS ,the incline sensor, precision transmission system. The built-in control software controls the azimuth, elevation and polarization of the antenna.
This auto antenna uses the offset design to achieve the high electrical performance of high gain, low side lobe and low cross polarization.


  • Carbon fiber antenna reflector with light weight, high precision and high efficiency, corrosion resistance and other characteristics, it ensured the antenna in the normal operation under harsh environment in greatest degree.
  • Compact structure, Lightweight, portable, rapid deployment, high performance, a person can install within 5 minutes, available in airline baggage.
  • The latest design of the Ku-band satellite antenna, being compact and robust, cost-effective can be used in the fast and reliable satellite communications.
  • Designed specifically for field use, regardless of when and where, it can quickly transfer high-quality broadband content.

  • Sudden public events and all kinds of disasters on-site information gathering.
  • Disaster relief.
  • Public security, military, government, oil, water conservancy, electricity, finance and other important sectors of the country.
  • The remote areas and the vast rural areas out of coverage.

General performance
Set up time ≤5Mins from unlock the box to establish the satellite link
Stow time ≤3Mins
Azimuth range +90°+270°
Elevation range Face south25° +90°    (Factory preset)
Face north +90°    (Factory preset)
Polarization range ±95°
Style of the antenna Modified double offset Gregorian antenna
Polarization mode Linear polarization
Size of the reflector 1250 × 1100 mmthe whole
Equivalent 1.2m
Antenna weight ≤26.98Kg The host; 22.7kgThe reflectors;  4.28kg(include LNBnot include BUC)
Power 110 or 220VAC±10% (well connect with the ground)
Power consumed ≤68WPeak value),not include BUC
Reflector material Carbon fiber
Reflector parts 6 pieces with curve edge include 5 detachable side-pieces and 1 main piece.
Environmental conditions
Operating wind speed Steady wind≤50km/hneed balance weight);Gust≤65km/hStrengthen balance weight
Operating temperature -25~+55
Storage temperature -55~+85
Altitude ≤5000m
Protection grade IP55
Relative humidity 0%~100%
Electrical performance
Name Receive Transmission
Operating Freq. band 10.9512.75 GHz 13.75014.50 GHz
Gain 41.6+20log(f/12.5)  dBi ≥42.8+20log(f/14.25)  dBi
The first sidelobe ≤-14dB ≤-14dB
Cross polarization 35dBon axi);≥31dB(offset 1dB)
SWR 1.25:1 1.25:1