2.4-meter box-type flyaway antenna

Item No.: AT-2400N1-A
Name 2.4-meter box-type flyaway antenna Antenna type Prime focus
Antenna model AT-2400N1-A Aperture 2.4m polarization Circular
Operating Frequency, GHz Receive: 19~22GHz Gain, Mid-band, dBi ≥51+20lg(f/20.5)
Transmit :29~31GHz ≥54.4+20lg(f/30)
Axial Ratio
≤2dB VSWR Receive:≤1.5
Isolation, Tx to Rx, dB ≥85dB Transmit :≤1.5
First sidelobe ≤-14dB Tx. Power Capability ≤500W
Feed Interface Receive:WR42 Transmit :WR28
Travel range Azimuth 0~360° Travel Rate Azimuth 0.05 °0.5 °/s
Elevation 0~90° Elevation 0.03 °0.3 °/s
Transmission accuracy 0.05°
Operating Temperature  -40°C+60 °C Operational Wind 16.6 m/sballasting
Storage Temperature  -55°C+70 °C Survival Wind 27 m/sballasting
Relative Humidity 95%20 °C Degree of protection IP65
power supply 220 VAC±10%,50Hz±2 Hz
Weight Rotary box weight ≤ 73Kg (excluding feed components, rain cloth); panel box weight ≤ 65Kg