1M auto acquire flyaway antenna

Item No.: FL09
  • Alignsat 1m flyaway auto antennaDownload

The main technical indexes of the system:

General performance
Open time ≤5 Mins   
Stow time ≤3 Mins
Style of the antenna Modified double offset Gregorian antenna
Equivalent diameter 1.0m
Control mode Standard configure:cable PC(user owned)、One-key operation
Optional configure: wireless PC、wireless PDA、cable hand-held terminal
Reflector Carbon fiber,6 curved panels,5 of which are removable
RF characteristic
Name Rx Tx
Operating frequency 10.95~12.75 GHz 13.75~14.50 GHz
Gain ≥39.54+20log(f/11.8)  dBi
≥41.27+20log(f/14.125)  dBi
The first sidelobe ≤-20dB ≤-19dB
Sidelobe envelope 29-25logθdBi(1.5°<θ<20°) 29-25logθ dBi(1.5°<θ<20°)
SWR 1.20:1 1.15:1
Port isolation ≥85dB(with primary filter)
Cross polarization ≥34dB(on axi);≥31.5dB(offset 1dB)
Polarization mode Linear polarization
Feed port Two ports
Mechanical characteristic
Azimuth range +90°~ +270°
Elevation range Face south:+25°~ +90°    (Factory preset)
Face north:+5°~ +90°     (Factory preset)
Polarization range ±95°
Size of the reflector 1000 × 950 mm(the whole)
Size of the host 600 × 415 × 255 mm
Antenna weight ≤21.3Kg(with LNB,without BUC)
LNB  characteristic
Operating band Standard configure:12.25~12.75 GHz
Optional configure:10.95~12.75 GHz
Frequency stability Standard configure:PLL,Frequency stability±10KHz;
Optional configure:PLL,Frequency stability±1~±5KHz;
Optional configure:External 10MHz reference;
Noise figure Standard configure:0.8dB
Optional configure:0.6~1.0dB;
Port impedance Standard configure:F type、75Ω
Optional configure:N type、50Ω
Power requirements
Power supply mode Standard configure:AC-DC(300W);Input 220VAC (50~60Hz);Provide 24V DC、5.5A output for BUC
Optional configure :AC-DC(550W);Input 220VAC (50~60Hz);Provide 48V DC、7A output for BUC
Power consumption ≤68W(peak),without BUC
External port
Power supply 3 core waterproof aviation plug
Antenna control Network control port:7 core waterproof aviation plug or wireless
Hand-held terminal control port:26 core waterproof aviation plug
BUC power supply Internal;External power supply,change the BUC power supply switch to 4 core aviation plug.
Tx/Rx N-type female plug
BUC port WR-75
LNB port WR-75
Button Switch
One-key access Self reset,with light in center,indicating the working state of the antenna
BUC switch Locking ring type, with light indicating the power supply of BUC
Environmental conditions
Operating wind speed Steady wind≤50km/h(need balance weight);Gust≤65km/h(Strengthen balance weight)
Operating temperature -25℃~+55℃
Storage temperature -55℃~+85℃
Altitude ≤5000m
Protection grade IP55
Relative humidity 0%~100%
BUC  installation specification
VertexRSI AC Psat:25W、35W、40W;DC Psat:25W、35W、40W
WaveStream With fan P1dB::16W、25W、40W;Without fan P1dB:16W
Mitec P1dB:8W、16W、20W、25W
NexGenWave P1dB:6.5W
Codan P1dB:8W、16W(4916Mini)
Loral P1dB:12W、25W、40W、60W
Advantech SSPB-110K Serial P1dB:8W、10W、16W、20W
AllWays P1dB:8W、16W、20W
Power supply Can provide internal or external power supply(AC、DC)、Coaxial power supply(for lower Watt BUC)、independent interface power supply,but need to match the host power supply mode.