Alignsat KA Band circular polarization 4 port diplexer Released

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Update time : 2022-06-23 13:50:19

Ultra Wideband Ka Band 4 Port TX/RX Circular Polarization Diplexer Specifications
Frequency  Range   Tx: 27.50-31.00GHz                   
Rx: 17.70-21.20 GHz
Insertion Loss       Tx 0.35dB                   
Rx0.40 dB
VSWR           Tx1.25                   
Isolation (Port to Port)    Tx/Rx 85dB
                        Rx/Tx 85dB
                        Rx/Rx 20dB
                        Tx/Tx 20dB
Axial Ratio          Rx 0.5dB
                           Tx ≤0.5 dB
Power Handling     500W CW PER Tx Port (1KW TOTAL)
Weight             5.0KG APPROXIMATE
Pressure           Sealed to 5.0 PSIG
Finish              Paint  White Color