AC9210S Antenna Control System

ACS9210S antenna control system is suitable for Rotary pedestal antenna drive and control , especially for large fixed antenna such as 11.3m ,13m, 16m antenna etc.

ACS9210S antenna control system is suitable for Rotary pedestal antenna drive and control, especially for large fixed antenna such as 11.3m, 13m, 16m antenna etc. It works with dual DC servo motor and eliminates the backlash of the rotary pedestal. ACS9210S adopt DSP technology, including antenna position detection and DC servo motor, PWM is for DC motor speed adjusting and IPM.
It adopts multi-circuit hi-speed digital processor, fully digital control from the antenna position detection and control to double DC motor drive away gap. Motor control mode is for pulse width modulation (PWM) dc speed, power amplifier main loop is using intelligent power module (IPM).
Due to the maximum extent of digital and improve the hardware circuit design, the servo system is integrated in a standard 4U * 480 inside the case for convenient transportation and installation of equipment.

ACS9210S antenna control system includes the following parts:
(1)    ACS9210S antenna control unit(ACU)
(2)    Antenna driver unit(ADU)
(3)    A set of cable with maximum 50 meters length (cable with over 50m’s length is optional)
(4)    A set of ACU AC power international standard cable and D-type plug.

ACS9210S antenna control unit (ACU) is consisting of the following parts:
(1)    Antenna Control Unit
(2)    Resolvers
(3)    50 meters cables of interconnect cabling
(4)    The system interfaces with DC servo motors for AZ and EL positioning and a single-phase AC synchronous stepping motor for POL rotation.
(5)    Limit interfaces are for normally closed switches that open upon engagement.

ACS9210S antenna driver (ADU) is consisting of the following parts:
(1)    Drive cabinet
(2)    Bidirectional limit switch.
(3)    logical Drive control panel
(4)    Air switch
(5)    Emergency stop
(6)    Az Motor Controller
(7)    El Motor Controller
(8)    24V DC power
(9)    lighting protection
(10)    Polarization control circuit (three axis/four axis system, optional)
(11)    Antenna position sensor brushless single, (two-speed resolver, photoelectrical encoder as option)
Position sensor can be single speed, two speeds, and two speeds can be selected as required from 1:16 to 1:128. Photoelectric Encoder can be selected from 14 bit to 20 bit. All these can be selected according to control requirements/user needs.

Tracking/control modes 
ACS9210S antenna control system tracking accuracy:
(1)    10%θHP in step tracking mode;
(2)    7%θHP in OPT.  (Option)
ACS9210S antenna control system power: Single-phase: AC380V±10﹪, 50Hz±5﹪
Note: different power supply shall be advised when ordering.